Shooting 4k at 14,000 feet!

Boyd Productions, LLC and crew ventured to 14,000 feet above the Hawaiian beaches to W. M. Keck Observatory where laser-focused telescopes and advanced networking allow scientists in a control room thousands of feet below to study the stars and connect with researchers around the world.

The story also takes us to the Hiki No Statewide Student News Network in Hawaii that brings digital literacy to middle and high school students in remote locations.

What’s the connection between the two stories?  Through collaborative innovations in IT infrastructure, the research and education community is transforming the way we learn and communicate knowledge.

The project was edited in uncompressed 4k at the Center for Advanced Formats at NPR in Washington, DC.  and shown at Internet2’s annual conference, as well as the PBS Annual Conference.

Special thanks to PBS Hawaii, the W.M. Keck Observatory, Kua O Ka La Public Charter School and the University of Hawaii—each of whom collaborated with us on the production.