New series on supercomputing and big data


Supercomputers dressed in production blue

I’ve spent a lot of time traveling this summer shooting a series on how supercomputers and big data are changing our lives. Scientists from NASA, Caltech, Lawrence Berkeley Labs, Argonne National Labs and the Juelich Supercomputing Center in Germany have contributed to the project.

Slicing and digitizing. The Human Brain Project.

One segment is on The Human Brain Project. Scientists in Europe are working to simulate the brain and develop brain-inspired computing, data analytics and robotics. The pictures here are from our shoot.

Human brain being sliced in 7,000 pieces.

Another segment focuses on gravitational-wave research being done at LIGO.On par with some of the world’s giant particle accelerators and nuclear physics laboratories, LIGO’s goal was to confirm, once and for all, Einstein’s century-old idea that gravity travels across space-time in the form of gravitational waves—they did!

While out in California, we also shot a segment on one of the most talked about biological breakthroughs over the past decade, the invention of the genome editing tool CRISPR/Cas9, which allows scientists to make edits in DNA strands and potentially remove the root causes of many hereditary diseases. Biologists rely heavily on supercomputers to analyze their data.

Our awesome German team!

Here’s a sample of one video from the series.

#HPCConnects – Nobel Prize Winning LIGO Collaboration

SC17 Highlights Nobel Prize Winning LIGO Collaboration in First #HPCConnects VideoHPC is enabling "out of this world" discoveries. Check this new SC17 video on the role of high performance computers in the Nobel Prize-winning LIGO Scientific Collaboration. The just-announced prize was awarded for the discovery of gravitational waves, theorized 100 years ago by Albert Einstein.Read More: California Institute of Technology – Caltech National Science Foundation (NSF) LIGO Scientific Collaboration production: Jennifer Boyd Michael Bacon Music Erik Angra Tim Nelson

Posted by SC Conference on Wednesday, October 4, 2017