Boyd Productions, LLC specializes in multi-platform documentary storytelling,  live/multi-camera entertainment and short form corporate, educational and non-profit video production.


Jane Lynch performing on The Kate

Jane Lynch performing on The Kate

Through CPTV and American Public Television, we currently have more than 40 music shows in distribution on public television nationwide and more then 50 concerts, clips, interviews and behind the scenes footage available at and Thekate.TV.

Corporate Video

We travel throughout the world helping clients tell their stories.  Some current clients include IEEE, Internet2, ESnet, United Technologies, Otis and Pratt & Whitney.


Jen and crew in Shanghai

Worldwide Crewing Service

We provide clients with production crewing services throughout the world.  If you’re
looking for video production services but you aren’t sure who to trust, we’ll either contract with a crew we’ve worked with in the past (and love) or we’ll do the research to find the best crew for your project to ensure success!  We can help you find crews across the US, Canada, Europe, India and China.

Non-profit/Educational Video


SC2017 preview video

Join our client list that includes PBS, Connecticut Public Broadcasting, Nature Conservancy, Peace Corps, US Department of Justice, International Fund for Animal Welfare, TechnoServe and numerous others.